Verona Arc Desk

Verona Arc Desk

The Verona desk is made in Italy and is our most versatile desk.

It is available in many sizes, shapes and base materials.

You can choose from the arc, rectangular, boat and round shapes for the top You can choose from leather, wood, or marble for the base

By combining the various options you can create the desk that best fits your space whether for a home office or conference room to seat 40 people.

The Verona desk is available with matching leather executive and guest chairs and leather covered storage and file cabinets. You can choose from several state of the art cable and electrical management options.

The desk top is covered with leather and is available in many colors.

The leather desk tops are protected and easy to clean.

Expertly Crafted in Italy

You can choose from the items in the various drop down menus for the size, top color, base finish and options to create your custom Verona desk. This is such a highly requested item we have added it to our stocking program.

Available stock: 78.75" dark grey leather top and bases cable management system 542 which includes 2 satin metal cable ducts and 2 outlets for data and electrical connections.

Price: $4,850.00
PH Collection Leathers Gray W03 Swatch
Width Depth Height
78.75" 38.6" 29.5"

schematics for Verona Arc desk 78 inches
Item# Product Qnty
EOD 2 Verona Arc Desk
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