Sample Sale

Some featured sale items are displayed in our San Francisco showroom and others are in our warehouses.
Offer limited to available sale inventory.
Call 415 • 685 • 2800 or e-mail for pricing and availability.
sofa_relax_01 ESF 3
Relax Sofa
sofa_ceres_two_tone_01 ESF 5
Ceres Two Tone Sofa
sofa_versilia_01 ESF 7
Lux Sectional Sofa
sofa_lucca_01 ESF 9
Lucca Sectional
sofa_mars_01 ESF 11
Mars Sofa
sofa_avi_grid ESF 13
Avi Sofa
sofa_ceres_grid ESF 16
Ceres Sofa
sofa_capri_01 ESF 17
Capri Sofa
sofa_linea_sectional_grid ESF 19
Princess Sofa / Sectional
sofa_modena_grid.jpg ESF 20
Modena Sofa
sofa_slide_sectional_01 ESF 22
Slide Sectional
sofa_siena_grid ESF 30
Sienna Sofa / Sectional
lamborghini_living_room_collection_imola_S_sofa_01.jpg ESF 56
Imola S Sofa
lamborghini_living_room_collection_imola_S_chair_01.jpg ESF 33
Imola S Chair
sofa_media_sectional_02.jpg ESF 42
Media Sofa/Sectional
sofa_twils_01.jpg ESF 46
Twils Sofa
sofa_como_sectional_05.jpg ESF 47
Porto Sectional Sofa
sofa_long_island_01 ESF 53
Long Island Sofa
sofas_milano_swiveling_chair_04 ESF 88
Milano Swiveling Chair
sofa_HD_reclining_grid2 RSSC 2
HD Reclining Sofa
dining_table_spyder_wood_02.jpg DT 10
Spyder Wood Dining Table
dining_table_spyder_01.jpg DT 11
Spyder Dining Table
expandable_dining_table_casual_04 DT 12
Casual Table
atlas_expandable_dining_table_grid.jpg DT 13
Atlas Expandable Marble Table
dining_table_adler_II_1224_solid_wood_01 DT 15
Adler II 1224 Solid Wood Table
dining_table_roma_01 DT 16
Roma Marble Table
dining_table_gordon_deep_wood_grid DT 17
Gordon Deep Wood
expandable_dining_table_turning_01 DT 18
Turning Expandable Table
expandable_dining_table_newood_03 DT 19
Newood Table
expandable_table_minima_01 EDT 34
Minima Expandable Table
expandable_table_metro_01 INDT 17
Metro Table
1222_Adler_I1.jpg DT 43
1224 Adler II Dining Table
dining_chair_nobile_soft_grid_02 DC 3
2076 Nobile Soft Chair
dining_chair_2071_nobile_swing_grid DC 4
2071 Swing Chair
dining_chair_patricia_grid.jpg DC 19
Patricia Dining Chair
dining_chair_toscano_grid DC 25
Toscano Chair
saarinen_arm_chair_grid01.jpg DC 30
Eero Saarinen Arm Chair
saarinen_side_chair_grid01.jpg DC 31
Eero Saarinen Dining Chair
dining_chair_cox_grid.jpg INDC 8
Cox Dining Chair
dining_chairs_lulu_grid INDC 13
Lulu Chair
bed_veneto_07.jpg EBD 3
Veneto Bed
bed_amadeus_grid EBD 4
Amadeus Bed
bed_maranello_grid.jpg EBD 11
Maranello Bed
baldo_bed1.jpg EBD 13
Baldo Bed
coffee_table_globe_01 ECT 1
Globe Coffee / Dining Table
modern_art_lavastone_custom_coffee_table_collection_03.jpg ECT 2
Modern Art Lava Stone Coffee Table
modern_flat_tv_coffee_table_01.jpg ECT 3
Modern Flat TV Coffee Table 114
coffee_table_c_01 ECT 7
C Marble Coffee Table
coffee_table_live_01 ECT 15
Live Coffee Table
coffee_table_box_legno_grid ECT 17
Box Legno T111
coffee_table_box_grid ECT 19
Box Coffee Table
coffee_table_modern_flat_tv_color_collection_01 ECT 22
Modern Flat TV Coffee Table 117
lem_missoni_fabric_grid01 EBS 2
Lem Piston Barstool / MissoniHome Fabric
barstool_miunn_sled_base_grid EBS 7
Miunn Stool / Sled Base
EBS91.jpg EBS 18
Relaix Barstool
barstool_curve_grid_02 EBS 19
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