How many friends are coming to supper? One, two, three five! Margot can always be relied upon when needed and is stackable, occupying minimum space when not required.

The fascination of black: Margot in this polished polycarbonate version shows a determined energetic character.

Margot white is synonymous with elegance, a house filled with light and joie de vivre.

Margot: a succession of curvy shapes reflecting the latest trends. This is a comfortable chair for all settings with a choice of colors that permits an INFINITY of uses. Margot is characterized by its weightless forms, the purity of its surfaces, the intelligent construction which makes it stackable and the innovative transparent rubber foot fitted on the leg in perfect harmony. A high-tech design for a polycarbonate chair produced via a unique injection moulding process with gas removal system.
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G Chair
Alessandro Crosera &Roberto Spadaccio

Rather than a design studio, Design X is a "creative space" where architecture, design, graphics and fashion blend and generate a contamination of ideas, talent and creativity. Located in Treviso, the studio was set up in 2003 thanks to a chance meeting of its founders: Alessandro Crosera, interior designer, and Roberto Spadaccio, graphic designer. Design X works with italian companies in the design of interiors, objects and accessories and in industrial design.