Dining Chairs

Milan Fair Sale

Our largest sale of the year

Sale ends March 26

dining_chair_harmony_lux_side_grid.jpg INDC 1
Bella Side Chair
dining_chair_harmony_lux_arm_grid.jpg INDC 2
Bella Arm Chair
dining_chair_toscano_grid INDC 3
Toscano Chair
dining_chair_step_grid INDC 4
Step 904 Chair
dining_chair_up_grid.jpg INDC 5
Up-Chair 907
dining_chair_patricia_grid.jpg INDC 6
Patricia Dining Chair
bertoia_chair_190_grid01.jpg INDC 7
Bertoia Chair 190
dining_chair_cox_grid.jpg INDC 8
Cox Dining Chair
saarinen_arm_chair_grid01.jpg INDC 9
Eero Saarinen Arm Chair
saarinen_side_chair_grid01.jpg INDC 10
Eero Saarinen Dining Chair
harmony_side_chair.jpg INDC 11
Harmony Side Chair
dining_chair_tango_grid INDC 12
Tango Dining Chair
dining_chair_nuvola_alta_grid INDC 13
Nuvola Alta Chair
dining_chairs_lulu_grid INDC 14
Lulu Chair
dining_chair_nobile_soft_grid_02 INDC 15
2076 Nobile Soft Chair
dining_chair_2071_nobile_swing_grid INDC 16
2071 Swing Chair
dining_chair_vela_grid INDC 17
Vela Dining Chair
betty_dining_chair_grid.jpg INDC 18
Betty Dining Chair
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