Lapalma Store - Chairs

Milan Fair Sale

Our largest sale of the year

Sale ends March 26

chair_arco_01 LPSC 1
Arco Chair
chair_aria_01 LPSC 2
Aria Chair
chair_cubacubo_01 LPSC 3
Cuba + Cubo Chair
chair_cut_01 LPSC 4
Cut Chair
chair_fedra_01 LPSC 5
Fedra Chair
chair_kai_01 LPSC 6
Kai Chair
chair_link_01 LPSC 7
Link Chair
chair_miunn_01 LPSC 8
Miunn Chair
chair_olo_01 LPSC 9
Olo Chair
chair_pass_01 LPSC 10
Pass Chair
chair_stil_01 LPSC 11
Stil Chair
chair_thin_01 LPSC 12
Thin Chair
chair_uno_01 LPSC 13
Uno Chair