Hula Op Dining Table

Thanks to the Hula Op's patented mechanism, you can enjoy the space efficient intimacy of a 47 1/2" round glass table that seats 4 or when the occasion arises you can effortlessly expand the two glass swiveling tops into a 75" x 47 1/2" oval that seats 8 people. The two tops are clear tempered glass the supports arms and base are matte aluminum fusion finished. The two glass tops are fixed to the pivoting steel arms by high technology invisible UV glue. The extension of the table from a round to an oval is achieved by an ingenious mechanism that allows the arms to rotate in synchronized movement. Once the tops are in the extended position the upper glass top is lowered by a lever to a flush position with the lower top to create the expanded oval. The Hula Op is the essence of the best in Italian design seamlessly combining form and function. The Hula Op is designed by Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra. It is produced in Italy by the company Naos which is famous for their innovations in expandable table technology.
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47.5" to 75" x 47.5" Oval
Clear glass table top, matte aluminum base and arms.
Ships via UPS ground.
Space efficient, can expand from seating 4 to 8 people. Made in Italy by Naos.
Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra
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DT 25 Hula Op Dining Table
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