Hops Sofa Bed

The Hops sofa bed is one of the most versatile and comfortable sofa beds in our collection. All 8 surfaces [backs and seats] can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Thanks to it's patented mechanism it can be arranged as a sofa, chaise lounge in various positions, large ottoman or an oval bed with simple movements of the backrests and seats, that are reclining.

The backrest becomes a seat and opposite the seat becomes backrest. The padding is in polyurethane at different densities covered with non-allergic fibers. The base is in chrome.

You can select synthetic leather, synthetic suede, or leather for the covering in a wide range of colors.

Please call (415) • 685 • 2800 or email info@italydesign.com for pricing and availability on this item.
Width Depth Back Reclined Depth Back Raised Height Seat Height
86.6" (220cm) 55.1" (140cm) 39.4" (100cm) 32.3" (82cm) 15.0" (38cm)
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