Gemelli Coffee Table

The complex engineering employed in the construction and design of the Gemelli coffee table by NAOS is impressive. Two turning glass tops revolve 360° and also swivel in and out doubling the length of the table. Endless compositions may be achieved through the smooth rotations, allowing for easy adaptation to varied furniture arrangements and demand for space.

An architectural chrome rod structure supports the glass tops lending the table a sense of mathematical precision. The silver lacquered base is heavy and securely counterweights the tops throughout all their movements.

Designed by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lamazzi who are recipients of numerous design awards and whose works are included in the collections of museums throughout the world.

Gemelli is an advanced study of synchronism and movement; its solidity and transparency; its lightness and strength; its action and change. It is, simply, beautiful. Manufactured by NAOS, the leader in the production of technologically advanced action tables. Made in Italy
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Closed - Diameter: 37"
Open - Length: 69"
Width: 37"
Height: 16"

Thick glass, chrome supports, grey lacquered base.
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360 degree swivel glass tops, heavy base supports movement. Made it Italy.
Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lamazzi
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ECT 11 Gemelli Coffee Table
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