Exotic Granite Table Program

The Exotic Granite Table program allows you to select from our unique offering of exotic granites to create a dining table to fit your space. For the base we are featuring the architecturally designed spyder base with your choice of a Graphite F, shiny stainless steel or walnut finish.

Granite is formed by the solidification of magma in high temperature and high pressure conditions. Granite is extremely compact and has a high hardness (6-7 on the mohs scale). Granite is the most durable surface for a table due to its compact surface and hardness which resists wear and staining.

With our artistic collection of naturally beautiful exotic granites combined with our architectural bases you can create a table which is the ideal combination of beauty and function.

To create your ideal exotic granite table select from the top materials, sizes and bases finishes listed.

Please call (510) • 420 • 0386 or email info@italydesign.com for pricing and availability on this item.

Exotic Granite Collection

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A medium-grain Brazilian granite with distinctive colors. Pink, purple and grey combine in a delightful miscellany of lighter and darker shades.
Blue Eyes
A Canadian granite with a characteristic grey black grain with intense blue pearlescence.
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Indian granite with a light and slightly crystalline background, with important bordeaux and grey intrusions
Verde Bamboo
Granite from Brazil with a characteristic bright green color with extensive beige and black intrusions.
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Volga Blue
Interesting granite from the Ukraine with an intense black color illuminated by sparkling blue pearlescences.
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Black Galaxy Red Iron
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Red Dragon Titanium Granite
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