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Duoform XM Outlast Matress

Cooling and revitalizing.

Historically, bamboo in Asia has been used extensively in homeopathic medicines. As a building material, bamboo’s tensile strength is greater than that of steel. Bamboo is also the fastest growing woody plant on the planet. The knotty nodes which surround the plant contribute to both the strength of the wood and its elasticity. Bamboo fiber, noted for its superior absorbency and breathability, is extracted and refined from the plant’s starchy pulp. These unique qualities led to the creation of the Ecobamboo mattress.

The fiber used in our Ecobamboo mattress is derived from a specific variety of bamboo, grown in an area free of pesticides and pollutants and organically fertilized. It is a 100 percent renewable resource with the entire process from plant to fiber having no negative impact on the environment. Among the unique qualities of this mattress is the overwhelming sense of freshness. Bamboo’s light and hollow fiber structure allows air to pass through the fabric while being quick to absorb moisture.

This allows the fabric, even at the height of the summer, to remain one to two degrees below that of your skin temperature, and upon contact lowers that temperature naturally. In biophysics, there is an observable relationship between lowering the body’s temperature and the beginning of sleep. Our Ecobamboo cover can absorb and disperse moisture and offers an antibacterial element to prevent the formation of pathogens and reduce the risks of allergies.

The heart of the mattress is Ecogreen. Enriched with natural, essential oils, Ecogreen cradles you with total support while easing you into a zone of total comfort, keeping your spinal column aligned if you sleep on your side, or maintaining proper spinal curvature if you sleep on your back. Resting in freshness and total relaxation allows our bodies to remain toned and young while our psychophysical energies are naturally rejuvenated.

Bamboo fiber ticking:
  • elastic and strong
  • hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • dust mite Proof
  • ecological

Mattress core treated with essential oils:
  • mattress height 8”
  • orthopedic core of ecogreen
  • electrobiological
  • breathable
  • Recyclable
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